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Adress: Calle Marbella, 39
Municipio: Palma
Teléfono: 0034 971 267 654
Fax: 0034 971 456 503
On 18th November 1976 the Hoteliers’ services Association of Palma de Mallorca was founded for an indefinite length of time and with the single objective of 'the representation, defence, promotion and management of the mutual interests of its Members and those inherent in the sector of tourist accommodation in the city of Palma de Mallorca'
With the aim of adapting to the Law of 1977, and with Mr. Juan Vives as its chairman, the name of the association was modified and it became known as the ASOCIACION HOTELERA DE PALMA DE MALLORCA (HOTELIERS’ ASSOCIATION OF PALMA DE MALLORCA).
ASHPAMA is the only association of city hotels in the whole of the island of Mallorca and it currently has a total of 36 member establishments ranging from 2 to 5 stars and encompassing 7,191 hotel vacancies (3,829 rooms).
The Association looks to the future and seeks the improvement of competitiveness amongst its members, forming part of a genuine cluster of accommodation which makes for the deep-rooted development of tourism as an economic sector in Palma de Mallorca.

The object of the Association is to defend the interests of its Members, intervening in labour relations, contributing alongside the unions, for the defence of their economic and social interests.
The typical media for action are: collective labour negotiations, analysis of collective labour conflicts, social dialogue and institutional participation in the public organisms of the Labour Administration.
A further objective is the representation, defence, promotion and management of the mutual interest of its Members and those inherent in the sector of tourist accommodation in the city of Palma de Mallorca, as well as support for the Associations in the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, and the legitimate interests of the owners of establishments of this nature, categorized as and members both of the Association itself and the other Associations classified within the aforementioned Business Federation.

  • Representation and management of general interests in the face of the different Administrations, keeping watch, within its area of competence, over the fulfilment of regulations and directives that emanate from them and presenting any initiatives deemed convenient for the ends pursued by the Association.
  • Strengthening of and, if applicable making demands of the organisms with competence for the realisation of events and promotional activities for the Balearic Islands, and in particular for Palma, as a tourist destination.
  • Training in accordance with needs, to which end agreements will be sought out with other institutions or associations, with a tendency towards the securing of aid, funds and subsidies for the imparting of said training courses.
  • Information through circulars on publications, mandatory regulations; all kinds of subsidies for companies in the sector, complaints, and any other kind of general problem with the departments of the different authorities.
  • Information through circulars on events and activities of interest for the sector.
  • Preparation and coordination of studies of general interest for all the members.
  • Development and publication of the Palma hotel occupation observatory.
  • Occasional information on special offers and savings on services and products.

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    The Jazz Voyeur Festival, established as one of the biggest musical events of the year in its eighth edition expected 2011. JAZZ SOUNDS IN FALL !

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    Here you will find the best restaurants on the island at a bargain price.

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    Jazz lovers are in luck in Mallorca. In our hotel we now have the "Blue Jazz Club", a space that will feature artists from jazz every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 23 hours to 1 am.

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    C/ Marbella, 39, 07610 Palma, Tel. 971 267 654