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Streets and squares: Plaza de Cort.
A stroll round the city of Palma could begin with Plaza de Cort. This square houses Palma's city hall, with its beautiful 17th-century façade, and very nearby the church of Santa Catalina, in Gothic style, also deserves a visit.
Passeig del Born
The nerve centre and heart of the old own, this is one of the liveliest streets in the city. Medieval streets converge with this avenue, containing 19th-century palaces of Italian influence.
Plaza Espanya
This square is situated beside the Inca and Sóller railway station, in the heart of the Parc de les Estacions. Being Palma's main artery, Plaza de España is where the island's main communications converge, the urban and interurban bus lines, and is also the ideal place in which to begin a walk around Palma's historic city centre.
Plaza Major
Palma's Plaza Mayor is like squares in all Spanish cities. Formerly it was the public centre of the city, where citizens met up for different activities that were carried out there. Nearby is the Rambla and Avenida de Jaime III, two important, busy shopping streets. Outstanding features of this area are Casa Berga, with its impressive Baroque balcony, which has now been converted into the Provincial Court, and Calle del Sindicato, which was the centre of the guilds in olden days.
Las Ramblas
Nowadays in La Rambla there are stalls selling flowers, but it still has an austere character, with no bars with open-air seating. This is because around it there are churches and convents occupying a large part of its perimeter, such as the Convent of Santa Magdalena and the church of Carmelo.
Plaza de la Reina
Calle Apuntadores, Plaza Drassanas and Plaza de la Lonja have businesses and restaurants to suit all tastes. As well as these establishments, some interesting buildings stand out in the area, such as the Balearic Parliament in Calle Conquistador; Palau March, the beautiful Modernist building in Plaza Marqués del Palmer or the Lonja.

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