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We can discover Balearic gastronomy through the wide variety of restaurants all round the city of Palma, a faithful reflection of Mediterranean cuisine, where we will find products with their own guarantee of quality and origin (Denominación de Origen), typical and necessary for a balanced diet.
Palma has a wide variety of typical restaurants that should not be missed, as well as a broad range of international food.
If you are looking for something more specific, there is a wide spectrum of other kinds of more selective cuisine to be found both in Palma and the island as a whole.
If you require information on a recipe, you can consult the website menumania.
Arros Brut
This rice dish contains plenty of broth and spices and is typical of inland Mallorca.
It is comprised of vegetables, game, typical regional cured sausages and some wild mushrooms called 'esclatasangs' in Mallorca, a kind of milk cap (Lactarius sanguifluus), but with a more reddish colour due to the type of pine grove where they grow.
'Sopes mallorquines' is a simple dish, but at the same time one which gives us the opportunity to try garden products depending what is in season.
It also contains different variants of meat, wild mushrooms and other kinds of vegetables.
Another substantial Mallorcan dish, a wise combination of potatoes, red peppers and aubergine, all accompanied by meat, either pork, lamb or rabbit.
In this fiesta suitors would court their sweethearts by hiring music groups to serenade them. The women in turn would give the musicians 'bunyols' (fritters) and sweet wine.
Gastronomia de la Pascua
The gastronomy of the Mallorcan Easter. In Mallorca it is traditional to celebrate the days after Easter with 'pancaritats', collective processions during which the participants share 'empanadas' (pies), 'crespells' (biscuits) and 'robiol' (a kind of sweet pasty).
No product can be more famous or typical of the Balearic Islands.
This sweet cake, shaped like a spiral, has become the breakfast par excellence of Mallorcans and visitors alike; it has even spread to bars and cake shops across the seas.
The most traditional liqueurs of Palma and the whole of the island of Mallorca have their origin in the medicinal brews that were prepared by apothecaries in the 16th century to combat epidemics. Two famous ones are 'herbes' (herb liqueur) and 'palo'
Palma, as a Mediterranean region, has produced wine since time immemorial. The different civilisations that have passed through the islands have provided knowledge on the manufacture of wines, a practice that is currently experiencing a new boom.
For more information you can consult the following link: Illes Balears Qualitat

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Jazz lovers are in luck in Mallorca. In our hotel we now have the "Blue Jazz Club", a space that will feature artists from jazz every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 23 hours to 1 am.

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