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Nautical Palma
The Port of Palma de Mallorca is the largest, most important port of the Balearic Islands. It currently occupies an extensive section of coastline between Moll Vell (old quay), opposite the Cathedral, and the Dique del Oeste (next to the district of Porto Pi).
It is used for the transportation of goods, fishing boats, pleasure boats, transporting passengers and military vessels. There are two ferryport terminals in service in the Muelle de Peraires quay, from where the cruise ships and ferries run their regular lines to Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, Mahón or Denia.
Due to the increase in the number of cruise ships that stop off in Palma, a third terminal has been fitted out in the Dique del Oeste and work is about to begin to build on the two former terminals.
The extensive range of sports available enables visitors to practise their favourite sport, with the emphasis on water activities, above all. The beach is one of the largest on the island and has a marina at the eastern tip.
Nautical competitions are the milestones of the sports calendar. Numerous sailing regattas with well-earned internationally prestigious reputations are held in the waters of the port. The Princesa Sofía Trophy, the Copa de Su Majestad el Rey, the Almirante Conde de Barcelona Trophy in Mallorca, the National Almirante Ferragut de Snipes Trophy in Menorca, the Ruta de la Sal and the International Sailing Week for cruise ships in Ibiza are just some of them.
To discover the full network of installations for the 1,428 kms of coastline, visit Portal náutico de Baleares.

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The Jazz Voyeur Festival, established as one of the biggest musical events of the year in its eighth edition expected 2011. JAZZ SOUNDS IN FALL !

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Here you will find the best restaurants on the island at a bargain price.

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Jazz lovers are in luck in Mallorca. In our hotel we now have the "Blue Jazz Club", a space that will feature artists from jazz every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 23 hours to 1 am.

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