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What to buy?
The website of the Fundació Ibi Comerç offers a search engine of all the interesting shops you can find in the city of Palma.
Each shop has specifications indicating the address, its speciality and the kinds of products we can buy there.
Therefore all you have to do is enter the website using the link below and search through the shops using the search engine.
This website also has a list of products that can be found in the aforementioned shops.

The best guide to know all the secrets of the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca

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The Jazz Voyeur Festival, established as one of the biggest musical events of the year in its eighth edition expected 2011. JAZZ SOUNDS IN FALL !

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Here you will find the best restaurants on the island at a bargain price.

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Jazz lovers are in luck in Mallorca. In our hotel we now have the "Blue Jazz Club", a space that will feature artists from jazz every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 23 hours to 1 am.

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C/ Marbella, 39, 07610 Palma, Tel. 971 267 654