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As representatives of the hotel sector in the city of Palma, the Hotel Association of Palma is aware of the prominence it currently has in its socioeconomic map and, therefore, participates proactively in everything that what happens to its environment, with special emphasis on those issues that have to do with the development of the hotel and tourism sector; the quality of Palma as a destination; the professionalization of the sector; the improvement of coexistence between tourist activity and citizenship and, in improving the quality of life of its citizens in aspects such as security, sustainability and social responsibility. In this sense, the ASHPAMA acts as the main element of representation of the sector in negotiations with administrations, both in terms of collective and individual defense, promoting infrastructure investment research, collaborating in the capture of major events for the city, providing support to the organization of new commercial attractions that boost the seasons and actively participating in the most representative business and tourism entities of the city, as well as being close and collaborative with the neighborhood, social and citizen entities of Palma and, with the media, becoming the main source of communication. The entity therefore becomes a social agent of outstanding relevance and influence to the tourism ecosystem of the country, acting as a channel of gestation, structuring and dissemination of all the activity that is linked between the hotel sector and its environment, both in the business field and in terms of social responsibility actions corporate that can revert to the immediate environment derived from the hotel activity. Likewise, he participates in the impulse for innovation in the city of Palma, both in those aspects closest to his field of activity, where he also It promotes the degree of knowledge and training of related personnel, as in those that have to do with the improvement of the benefits of the city and its quality of life, encouraging, specifically, the development and implementation of new technological projects in the tourist field of Palma.

D. Javier Vich Ashpama President

"As a Hotel Business Association of Palma we represent a sector, the hotel, key in the tourist activity that, in turn, is one of the most powerful engines of employment and wealth generation in the city of Palma» "


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