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Corporate Social Responsibility

Palma hotels are Committed Hotels: they are aware of their importance in the economic and social gear of the city, they participate proactively in everything that happens to their environment, with special emphasis on those issues that have to do with improvement of the coexistence between the tourist activity and the citizenship as well as, in the improvement of the quality of life of its citizens in aspects such as security, sustainability and social responsibility. In this sense, the Hotel Association of Palma is committed to promoting the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility policies of the hotel sector for the benefit of its closest environment, either through those inherent in the establishments and hotel chains established in the city, either by providing All the appropriate resources to facilitate and propitiate their development, generating the context and the & nbsp; synergies & nbsp; opportune with the relevant entities and associations of the city. From the blog & nbsp; ASHPAMA, we want to extend to the whole world, the beneficial initiatives for the citizen environment and the tourism ecosystem, which our associates and our entity carry out.


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